Our backyard neighbour’s magnolia tree (I think it’s a Japanese Star Magnolia?) kick off spring every year with an incredible floral blossom display. I’ve always loved magnolia trees but the pollen really throws my allergies for a loop, so I’ve had to learn to love them from afar. 🙂

Hoping to get down to the Arboretum this weekend to see if any of the apple blossoms are starting! (It’s snowing today, though – fingers crossed we get the good weather that’s forecasted for Saturday)

Fruiting Ficus

Today I learned that the neglected ficus that I’ve barely kept alive for … nearly 15 years, is a member of the fig tree family, and apparently it can fruit? It’s been acting weird this year, I think because our preschooler loves watering it. 😃 I saw a tiny flower on it earlier in the spring and then suddenly there are a couple of bunches of these tiny green figs growing on it.

Are they edible? How big do the grow? Do they contain viable seeds? So many questions!

Sunset November 7th

We’re experiencing some really unseasonably warm weather this November thanks to a pretty significant bend in the jetstream – I suspect an artifact of global warming. But if this is the beginning of jetstream collapse, at least the warm nights are making for some stunning sunsets.

Pinhey Point Hike

We took a trip out to Pinhey Point this morning and got there just as the sun was burning the last of the mist off the water. We’ve been all over the local trails this year and this was one of my favourite places to visit, but I have to admit calling it a “hike” is a bit of an overstatement – there’s a steep ridge to walk around but it’s a well tended park and we had no problems navigating it with a toddler. Lots to see and do, including a few rocky beaches and gorgeous views of the Ottawa River.

Flower made of Fungus

On a hike around Mud Lake this weekend I spotted this floral-shaped fungus growing on one of the logs. On closer inspection, it’s actually a complex layered spiral of fungus, which makes it even cooler! Mathemagical!

Viewmaster Slide Template

While I was napping with my toddler this afternoon I had a dream about Viewmaster slides, and that sent me down a stereoscopy project rabbit-hole that eventually led me to googling the viewmaster patents and looking for the specs for the slide reels.

To save you all the work – here is an SVG Viewmaster Slide template at 1:1 size (90mm diameter), ready for your plotter or laser cutter. Preview PNG below:

Viewmaster slide outline

I haven’t marked out the safe text area for the photo labels in the SVG because it’s not consistent between the different viewers available over the years but generally titles go in a small curved trapezoid directly above the center hole, you’ll have to experiment with this.

It is worth noting that the slide pairs are directly across the center line from eachother, and that the progression of slides skips a pair every time the lever is engaged, so counter clockwise from the right-side (3:00) slide hole, the pairs are A (right eye), E (left eye, upside down), B (right eye), F (left eye, upside-down), C (right eye), G (left eye, upside down), D (right eye). This seems really confusing, but the mechanism for skipping frames cleverly works it’s way all around the circle and avoids getting an upside down image after you’ve clicked through the seventh image in the set. For reference, you can take a look at the original patent image, below: