Werewolf Detector

I’m doing some R&D on a project where I’ll be helping some dancers become ‘feral’, letting their animal spirits out using some digital trickery and projection mapping.

This is a fun step in my exploration – I’m using the excellent OpenCV library in Processing to recognise faces in a webcam video (the red box) and replace the faces with a super terrible “wolf mask”. :) The end result is going to look a lot better than this – what’s exciting here is that it works at all. Can you believe real time facial recognition is possible on a tablet PC? We live in the future!


Exploring Pluto

How exciting are all of these new pictures of Pluto? We live in a time where we take for granted how much we know about a lot of subjects, but it’s amazing to think that as recently as a few days ago we weren’t sure what Pluto really looked like, nevermind its moons and cohort of Kuiper Belt friends. Now we’re going to have to throw out all of our old Solar System books, because we know all about it’s surface features, composition, atmosphere, mass, diameter, the list goes on and on.

It’s so amazing to live in a time where images from the edges of our solar system are accessible on the web minutes after they arrive.


My Awesome Commute

I’m trying to make people jealous this week, posting pictures of my awesome bike commute. From the west end through the experimental farm to downtown, I can do my whole ride in about 40 minutes. It’s a bit longer coming back home since there’s a few more uphills. I usually get to work with sore cheeks from smiling the entire way in, the bike path is gorgeous on a bright sunny day. :)

I’ve been taking rest days (on the bus) to keep from over-doing things, but once I’ve had a taste of the bike it’s always so hard to ride the stinky bus. :)



My 100km Bike Ride

My buddy Greg was looking for a partner to do the Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour, a 100km bike ride along the Rideau River system to Kingston, so I signed myself up and we hit the road!

100km is the furthest I’ve ever cycled in one go, so it presented some interesting learning opportunities. I ended up buying my first pair of cycling shorts, I got some unusual sunburns (don’t wash your hands after applying sunscreen) and earned a pair of seriously tuckered out legs, but the ride was a blast and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


Photo credit goes to Greg – thanks dude!

Damaged Goods

I had an awesome opportunity last week to work with Jocelyn Todd and the dancers from this week’s Fringe Festival production “Damaged Goods“. It was exciting to get a sneak peek of the show at the tech rehearsal – the dancers are incredible, and the choreography leads us between deeply moving and downright frightening scenes on stage. The first act is a portrait of a bad relationship – menacing postures, vulnerable reactions, tormented writhing. It’s beautiful and scary and intimate. The second act is a kind of post-apocalyptic conceptual piece, featuring monstrous creatures fighting over a tiny light – it’s exciting and dark and full of strange interactions between the dancers. Definitely a show worth catching, particularly if you’re looking to take in something a little different from the standard Fringe comedies and confessionals.

I snapped a bunch of photos during the rehearsal, and even though a lot of it takes place on a very dark stage, managed to salvage a bunch of shots through arty black-and-white manipulations. I think I managed to capture the tone, for at least some of it!