Jason Cobill : Supergenius

So it took me seven years of on-and-off fiddling with it (mostly it sat in a drawer while I was frustrated with it), but after some concerted effort in the new year I’ve successfully solved the metal pocket puzzle that I was given for Christmas… 2008. Checkmate, Aunt Viv!

I won’t spoil it for anyone, but early on I had figured out that the asymmetric linkages (look at the top one on the left, vs the top one on the right) were the key to getting the dangly bit off – it just took me forever to figure out what to do with them. :) It ended up being one of those things where it’s easy to overthink the answer. I was obsessed with a red herring for a long time – the solution ended up being a perspective thing.


Sweet Cupcakes!

cupcakeNatasha and I made an unexpected stop at V’s Cupcake Shop while cruising around Manotick on my day off, and I wanted to share that not only were the cupcakes truly decadent (this is me with a honey buttercream cupcake that was scrumptious) but the décor was really cute too. If you’re in town to visit the butcher, plan to make a stop next door, and bring along a friend who likes chocolate!

Still here

I’ve been a bit on and off with my blog – I suppose interesting bloggable things happen in waves. I’ve noticed a lot of blogs I used to follow petering out the past few years, so I just want to re-iterate that I plan to stick around for a while longer. Things have actually been busy and exciting – very exciting even, but there’s not always a blog post to sum it up. Anyhow, just popping in to say bear with me, lots more exciting stuff coming in the near future!


En Guarde!

Natasha and I joined some friends for a workshop at Ottawa Swordplay over the weekend, and we had a blast! The group practice the late medieval Germanic “Liechtenauer” sword tradition, involving lots of longsword moves and counter-moves. Better yet – they practice it with real (but dulled) swords – it was pretty rad hearing the heavy clang of steel as we tried to take each other’s heads off. :) The staff were excellent and took good care to prevent us from actually killing eachother – they teach kid versions of the class with foam swords and little helmets. It must be unbearably cute.

We’re only in our exercise outfits in this picture – our suits of armour were at the cleaners. ;) (If ever there was an excuse for some medieval cosplay outfits…)

I’m pretty sure I’m going to go back again!

Ottawa Swordplay