1931 Chrysler CM Coupe

I saw this beautiful creature at a car show going on during the Carp farmer’s market. This particular 1931 Chrysler CM Coupe was the 2-door sport model, and had a 6 cylinder engine producing 70HP. You could drive one off the lot in ’31 for $885. This one was restored and presented by Norman Legault, and it’s in pretty top form from the looks of it.

So much chrome, and those fenders – gorgeous. 🙂 Not a spot on the entire body.

Button Rainbow

We took a quick hop into Dolan’s Fabric Shop in Renfrew Ontario to see their famous wall of buttons in every colour. This is just a bit of it – it’s a pretty tiny store but it’s packed with jars and bottles full of little trinkets. Super fun. Really digging bright colours lately, and I think it has something to do with the yellow sun-baked outdoors. Everything is blasted brown. Tempted to buy a few jars of buttons and throw them around our flower garden. 😉


Natasha and I took a foraging course on a lark, guided by Amber Westfall from Transition Ottawa.  The “Herbs and Wild Foods in The City” walk took us around the Kilborn Allotment Gardens off of Alta Vista, where we learned how to spot and eat all kinds of interesting plants you’d usually run down with a lawnmower. 😉

It was a fun way to spend an afternoon, and we even managed to spot a lot of goodies despite the really dry weather affecting the area. We discovered wild carrots, learned recipes for milkweed pods, how to pickle perslain, and found six things we can make tea out of. We’re most excited about picking our own chamomile, but so far the only sizable patches we’ve identified of it were along the freeway. It was a fun walk, and nice just to get out for the exercise. Definitely would recommend tagging along on one of Amber’s fall courses if you’re into nature walks and unusual snacks.