Pie Party

Got invited to a pie party – ate delicious pies, totally rocked at trivial pursuit, ate some more pies, chatted up guests, followed it up with pie-eating. Super delicious way to spend an evening. 🙂 About 3000 calories later, I went home and had a cupcake.

JDRF Ride for Diabetes Research

Busy day yesterday! I got off to an early start helping Natasha out with her event, and then, because I was already downtown, offered to help a friend move bikes for their JDRF Ride for Diabetes Research set up. 60 stationary bicycles later…

The ride is super cool – participants have already raised over $90,000 for their four hour bicycle marathon, and there’s a lineup of awesome motivators and bands who’ll be taking turns on the main stage at the front of the tent. I think I might put together a team next year! Contact me if you’d like to take a turn!

Diabetes seems like one of those conditions that’s just on the verge of a big breakthrough. I’ve heard lots of tidbits about promising new directions in research, and with gene sequencing and some radical stem cell therapies they’re getting so close – it can be beaten!

Laser Landscapes

I caught Christopher Smeenk’s Pecha Kucha presentation about his Awesome Ottawa winning laser musicbox project, and it reminded me visually of some fun experiments I tried a few years ago that I never posted. I dug up some of the pictures this morning.

So recall that lasers and I go way back – I worked at a laser scanning company, and was trying to come up with a way to scan the surface of glass artifacts. I had some broken glass chess pieces I was covering with various sprays and dusts trying to get the surface to bounce instead of refract light, and I was causing all kinds of (probably dangerous) diffraction patterns to spray everywhere – it was some mad science disco ball stuff that eventually led to my discovery and subsequent love affair with spray chalk. 🙂

The diffraction patterns were really pretty. So I got a rainbow gel for my camera (who am I kidding – I drew in marker on a clear plastic bag) and snapped off a bunch of shots. You don’t need a laboratory to do this – a dollar-store laser pointer pointed through some glass or crystal will make an endless number of strange science-fiction landscapes.

Draw Draw Draw

Been really concentrating on heads and construction, less on texturing and detail. I picked up a hairstyle magazine (it’s incredible that hair is a topic for an entire wall of monthly periodicals) and that’s helped me sort out some of my hair drawing problems. My disembodied heads can now have more than one generic long flowy haircut!

I’m still screwing up lips and placing parts a little askew, but it’s tightening up. My portraits are starting to vaguely resemble the people I’m drawing! The scale I’m drawing my thumbnails at (about 2 inches tall) don’t leave a lot of room to get fine detail in, which is maybe why I’m struggling so much with the lips. After a few more pages of these I might resolve to work a bit bigger.