Space Inspiration

So, I found a couple of exciting and beautiful videos about recent space exploration projects that really spoke to me, and I thought “Finally! Someone at NASA woke up. To capture people’s imaginations and inspire future space explorers, you need to brag about your accomplishments and demonstrate how amazing science is.

But then I realized that both of these are independent projects using public NASA footage. *sigh* I suppose this goes to show how important it is to pair up government institutions with artists and visualization people who can put their creative spin on the data being generated.

I get all misty-eyed when I hear Ann Devereaux’s voice start to crack in the Curiosity Rover video. So amazing. Be sure to watch them full-screen for the stunning vistas of Mars and the Northern Lights.

Mars Rover Curiosity from Mutant Jukebox – Music & Sound on Vimeo.

Further Up Yonder from Giacomo Sardelli on Vimeo.