Igor! Jumpstart the Heart!

A gang of my friends attended this year’s Global Game Jam 48-hour game-making competition at Carleton University in Ottawa this weekend, to see who could make the best game. Most participants opt to build a video game, but the bunch of us went oldskool and chose to make a traditional board/card game. The mystery theme for this year was revealed on Friday afternoon – the sound of a heart beating, which inspired a huge range of neat stuff from the Carleton teams. There were some really awesome games submitted, and I honestly don’t know how most of them made their 48-hour deadline, because some of them had multiplayer networking, dynamic-generated play areas, particle effects, awesome art… it was crazy. I think next year I might brave trying to make a video game.

Lorry Moller and I had a prolific brainstorming session in the first sitting (with a lot of ideas worth exploring later), then settled on a kid’s monster-building game called “Igor, Jumpstart the Heart!“. Ultimately the game is a lot simpler than we’d intended (Lorry and I are fans of complex euro-games) but the fun factor is definitely there, and at Sunday’s Demo time we could play through the game with visitors quick enough to fit a little kid’s attention span.

So the idea is that you collect bits and pieces of your monster from the “Morgue” and the “Graveyard” card piles, and use the monster-eating piranhas to nibble off parts of your competitors. My first round of art was a bit gory – we toned that down early on into fuzzy monster components, and so far nobody’s reporting nightmares. 🙂 Once the monster is complete, you roll a die to electrify it, bringing it to life! Muah ha ha ha ha!

If you grab the downloadable cards, send me a note and let me know what you think of the game! If you’d like a physical copy printed up for you, shoot me an e-mail – I have a heap of card stock, and maybe you’ll get a few custom hand-drawn components I didn’t include in the uploaded game. 🙂