This One Has a Title

I call it “A Collection of Lines Loosely Resembling American Television Actress Rachel Bilson”. I haven’t really seen much of The OC, and I’m not sure what she’s up to these days (IMDB suggests she’s now a tv doctor) but she’s queen of the hair magazines. She’s got a heap of locks on her, she does.

Which is sad because I feel like the hair is the weakest part of this drawing. It was a valuable exercise, but I think we can consider this one of my series of ongoing failures on the way to understanding celebrity hairdos. Getting closer, anyhow.

[Edit: I tossed away the reference picture and spent a little bit trying to re-work the hair so it makes better sense. I’m happier with it now.]

Susan Aglukark Sketch

I’ve had a few demands to post more doodles from my sketchbook. I’m flattered, and it’s probably good to get in the habit of posting stuff up, but I’m still feeling really timid about the quality of my drawings.

Here’s a thumbnail sketch of Susan Aglukark, the Inuk-Canadian singer/songwriter. If you’re not a country fan you might best remember her from her song O Siem back in the 90’s, but she’s a prolific musician who must have a room in her house set aside for all the Junos she’s won. She left a really positive impression when I saw her recently at the Ottawa stop of Tom Jackson’s Huron Carol tour, and made a mental note to try a portrait of her at some point. I think she has a really regal look. My sketch doesn’t do her any favours, but if you step back a bit and squint, it kindof looks like her.

The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales

More writing about my album pile! I discovered Chilly Gonzales on Q last summer and I can’t get enough of his brilliant orchestral arrangements and catchy dance riffs. He blends hip-hop lyricism and classical piano tradition into epic songs that belong on the soundtrack of a european action thriller. “Supervillain Music” I think perfectly captures the scale of his compositions – and the tone of his self-aggrandizing lyrics. Completely awesome. Love the violins sawing away at the chorus.

So what’s brilliant about Chilly Gonzales isn’t just his music – but his public persona. He’s incredibly brash and supremely confident in interviews, and he follows through on his threats to demonstrate his genius.  In 2010 he earned a Guinness World Record for continuous piano playing, and then went on to challenge Andrew WK (“SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!”) to a piano duel. Pianists DO THAT? Why wasn’t this on the news?

Sadly, despite his Canadian background, Chilly is currently producing music in Europe, so we’re not likely to see too much of him on domestic shores. We’ll have to settle for keeping an eye out for his albums as they drop.