Glassblowing Final Project

My class finished our final glassblowing projects last week, putting together a bunch of skills we’d learned to try something really elaborate. Nigel made a huge bowl, Jason (the other Jason) spun a plate, and I tried to nail down my control over vase shapes. This is my latest (greatest!) creation! It’s quite big, for me – I tend to be timid with the amount of glass I work with, so spinning this monster on the end of a pipe was pretty exciting.

I stopped by the other day to pick it up and was told it’d caught a lot of people’s eyes in it’s little cubby it was waiting in, so that was flattering. 🙂 I gave it to Natasha (the gold and green are her favourite colours) and she thought it looked suspiciously like a bong. 😉 It’s really meant for flowers!

Anyhow – I feel pretty confident that I can make most reasonable things I’d put my mind to, and from this point on just need practice. I have some clever creative ideas I want to explore, and some gifts for people that I want to crank out in the studio, so the next little bit should be pretty productive. 🙂