Frosty Morning

I took this a couple of days ago when I had to get up early on a sharply cold morning. I looked out the kitchen window and saw the roof of my car patterned in icy lace, so I ran out to the driveway in my pyjamas to beat the sunlight that was creeping along the driveway, threatening to melt it. 🙂

I think our frosty mornings are over, thank goodness… but it was -4C today when I woke up, so winter’s not quite gone yet.


I’ve been excitedly tuning into Penny Arcade’s web show experiment “Strip Search” – where they pit a bunch of webcomic artists against eachother in art challenges for prizes and an internship. So far it’s been really entertaining, the artists have a lot of personality and I recognize a lot of my artist friends (in spirit) in the cast.

One thing bothers me about the format of the show, though – I’m not sure I understand the American TV pre-occupation with elimination-style shows. It makes some kind of sense in some cases – being voted off the island for ineptness, or kicked out of a race around the world for coming in last. But on shows featuring creative people being judged subjectively on their tasks (often tasks that are far removed from their normal business) kicking people off the show just reduces the number of interesting challengers and punishes risk-takers.

I have the same beef with shows like Project Runway and Face Off – if you’re going to pre-select America’s top up-and-coming fashion designers and artists, booting them off the show in the first episode when they lose the “sew an outfit out of seaweed” challenge punishes us all – they lose exposure, and we lose the opportunity to see what creative solutions they would have discovered in future challenges. It’s a shame that nobody seems able to produce a show where talented creative people continue to be able to participate throughout the season.

Anyhow, check out Strip Search. It’s a bit rough around the edges in contrast to slick television budgets, but they selected an amazing crop of artists and it’s particularly amusing to watch them get heckled in their drawing challenges.