Quiet Halloween

We had a pretty disappointing Halloween – only four batches of kids showed up at the door. Even though I set up a creepy ghost-pumpkin hologram and everything! 🙂 I pointed our projector with a polarizer on it against the plastic in our window – it looks really neat as you walk past it, fading in and out.

To be fair – I only got home at 6:00, and I saw a bunch of little kids roaming around out the bus window, already heading back home from their early trick-or-treating. I don’t know when Halloween officially starts, but these early-birds are missing out on all the tasty treats! (More for me I guess!)

Food Contamination

You know, for a guy who hardly ever eats out, I run into a lot of gross stuff in my food. Last night I picked up a slice of pizza downtown, and when I finally got around to eating it (after a meeting more than an hour later), there was something chewy I couldn’t quite bite through – turns out they’d left the plastic on the ham before it went through the shredder and I ended up pulling little plastic rings out of my mouth.

This is not the first time! A litany of gross things found in my food over the years:

  • A rusty deep-fried bolt in a box of fries at a chip wagon
  • A chunk of a plastic dish in a dumpling at dim-sum
  • A staple in a microwave burrito
  • Beetles in my soup

It’s obvious someone’s out to get me. I should hire a poor kid to come taste my food for me – King Louis XIII style.

What’s the grossest thing you’ve found in your meals?