Birthday 2014 – 37!

It seems like I’ve been doing little retrospectives the past few years on my birthday, so here goes!

It was another good trip around the sun overall! Maybe not as many big accomplishments as I’d like, but lots of adventures and meeting neat new people and small projects that turned out well. The biggest change was landing the new job at the university. I like being in the thick of things on campus, and I’m creatively and technically challenged, so I’m having fun. I did my first public lecture, bought a new car, learned a bunch of new code, grew purple beans, hacked a kinect, set up my workshop, filled up a sketchbook, attended weddings, funerals, births – it was busy!

I’m a year older! I’m finding turning 37 a bit unnerving though.

Natasha and I binge-watched the “Up” series of documentaries, where a set of British kids are interviewed every 7 years throughout their lives. It’s an incredible documentary series, but when you watch them in a row it’s like a time-lapse, where they age 7 years every hour, 61,320 times normal aging speed. I had to stop for a mental break at “35 up” because it was freaking me out – existential crisis. At their pace I’ve only got another 5 or 6 hours to live! AAAAAAHHHH!!!!

That afternoon triggered some kind of mid-life pressure to get stuff done. The theme of my resolutions for this year were to concentrate on making things – thinking more about long-term projects and less about just reacting to day-to-day impulses. No sports car or half-my-age girlfriend yet – it’s not one of those crises. 😉 But I’m honestly starting to fret about time, which I guess is really just about accepting that not everything I want to do in life is going to get done. Some of the things I planned to do “someday” are looking like “probably never”, and that’s a hard pill for me to swallow.

2 thoughts on “Birthday 2014 – 37!

  1. Happy belated birthday Jason. Keep on learning | creating | sharing. From my vantage point, you are doing well 🙂

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