Baseline Station Tunnel

During the coldest days of winter, I often wonder why we wait for buses in drafty above-ground shelters, while deep below Baseline station there’s a nearly-finished underground rapid transit station waiting for visitors. I’m not sure why it’s so far off schedule, but it seems like they might have abandoned the project until the city is ready to run light rail south along the transitway. So it waits boarded up, even though the $16 Million budget the city asked for from the province to complete it showed up in 2012.


It’s interesting is that even though the tunnel is all fenced up and seemingly abandoned, someone left the lights on. The cinderblock walls are not very exciting, but there’s lots of room in there to do some interesting station design. There’s two more corridors along the left and right of the main thoroughfares, but I couldn’t see what’s down them just by peeking through the gates. (I suspect escalators or something will go there)

It would be a great place for a street hockey tournament! Look at the size of that concrete floor!


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  1. I was wondering the same thing! I live not too far from the station. While I was walking around, I saw the tunnel and I hypothesized that maybe that an LRT station might be built? The tunnel has a lot of opportunities.

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