Sherri Bakes a Cake

My friend Sherri can decorate a cake like nobody’s business!

This is Jordan’s Stargate/Dr Who/Lego/5th Element/Star Trek/Star Wars/Firefly/Babylon 5 cake. The event horizon of the Stargate is made of whipped marshmallow foam, and it took some effort to keep the Tardis from sinking into another dimension. It was a travesty watching her have to cut it and feed it to the guests. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sherri Bakes a Cake

  1. You forgot Firefly 😉 (I am assuming South Park is not visible from this angle, unless I’m missing something?)

    That’s some impressive cake-fu!

  2. This is how badly I’m falling behind on nerd culture – I assumed the hat was Kenny’s. (OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED HIM!)

  3. Thanks Jason! I feel famous now, although I’m not sure I can remain friends with someone who didn’t recognize Jayne’s hat. jk.

    I miss that cake.

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