Sweet Cupcakes!

cupcakeNatasha and I made an unexpected stop at V’s Cupcake Shop while cruising around Manotick on my day off, and I wanted to share that not only were the cupcakes truly decadent (this is me with a honey buttercream cupcake that was scrumptious) but the décor was really cute too. If you’re in town to visit the butcher, plan to make a stop next door, and bring along a friend who likes chocolate!

Still here

I’ve been a bit on and off with my blog – I suppose interesting bloggable things happen in waves. I’ve noticed a lot of blogs I used to follow petering out the past few years, so I just want to re-iterate that I plan to stick around for a while longer. Things have actually been busy and exciting – very exciting even, but there’s not always a blog post to sum it up. Anyhow, just popping in to say bear with me, lots more exciting stuff coming in the near future!


En Guarde!

Natasha and I joined some friends for a workshop at Ottawa Swordplay over the weekend, and we had a blast! The group practice the late medieval Germanic “Liechtenauer” sword tradition, involving lots of longsword moves and counter-moves. Better yet – they practice it with real (but dulled) swords – it was pretty rad hearing the heavy clang of steel as we tried to take each other’s heads off. 🙂 The staff were excellent and took good care to prevent us from actually killing eachother – they teach kid versions of the class with foam swords and little helmets. It must be unbearably cute.

We’re only in our exercise outfits in this picture – our suits of armour were at the cleaners. 😉 (If ever there was an excuse for some medieval cosplay outfits…)

I’m pretty sure I’m going to go back again!

Ottawa Swordplay

Alma Duncan – Circle Packing

I discovered a cool artist at the Ottawa Art Gallery! Her name was Alma Duncan, and she was a gifted creator who mastered many artistic disciplines. Mixed among the nature images and portraits, I almost missed the personal significance of her “dot drawings” until I walked right up to them – then my eyes widened, and I realized I’d seen this before. Among her many subjects, Alma was fascinated by circle packing, freehand, with a pen. The results are gorgeous – I think they’re incredible. This is just a tiny, blurry excerpt from a series of quite large pieces – they have such a beautiful flow and rhythm I can’t take my eyes off them.

I wish I’d gotten a chance to know her, but she passed away in 2004. I bet she would have found some of my experiments intriguing.