En Guarde!

Natasha and I joined some friends for a workshop at Ottawa Swordplay over the weekend, and we had a blast! The group practice the late medieval Germanic “Liechtenauer” sword tradition, involving lots of longsword moves and counter-moves. Better yet – they practice it with real (but dulled) swords – it was pretty rad hearing the heavy clang of steel as we tried to take each other’s heads off. 🙂 The staff were excellent and took good care to prevent us from actually killing eachother – they teach kid versions of the class with foam swords and little helmets. It must be unbearably cute.

We’re only in our exercise outfits in this picture – our suits of armour were at the cleaners. 😉 (If ever there was an excuse for some medieval cosplay outfits…)

I’m pretty sure I’m going to go back again!

Ottawa Swordplay

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