Head Start

I had mentioned in a previous post that I had a “secret weapon” for my garden this year – I built a seed starting station in my basement. It’s a pair of fluorescent tubes in a simple fixture, suspended over a wire shelf by a set of chains that I can draw up or lower down so I keep the light just above the sun-thirsty baby leaves.

I worked out the math: because I’m running the lights on a timer, only at night, I only use something like $2.80 a month in electricity – a bargain considering the cost of plants at a garden centre. I might make one improvement next year – a warming pad or something to keep the seeds toasty. It gets cold overnight in the early spring and germination happens way faster with some direct heat.


I grew up surrounded by farmer’s greenhouses, so I’ve got green tech deep in my subconscious. I’d like to explore building some greenhouse boxes outside for early spring planting. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for spare windows on kijiji.


Pink Lake Ride

Greg and I biked from the west end of Ottawa to Pink Lake in the Gatineau hills, and then back! 42 kilometers, uphill both ways! (Okay – technically that’s impossible, but there were lots of hills in both directions.)

I’m really proud of myself! I’ve never biked into the Gatineau hills before, and I’ve never really biked this distance before, I don’t think. My legs were a bit rubbery towards the end, but I have a good feeling about the 100km ride I’m going to be making in a few weekends. 🙂


Twins for Breakfast

This won’t score me any points with my vegan friends, but the other day Natasha and I cracked a double-yolked egg. This actually happens pretty frequently in nature, about one in a thousand, but it takes us years to eat through a thousand eggs, so it seems to be a spectacularly rare occurrence. 🙂 I should go buy a lottery ticket!


High Key Photography Test

I’m participating in a photo challenge with some friends, and one of the (first) assignments is a “high key” flower photo – characterized by really bright (white) backgrounds. After a couple of (weekends of) experiments, I came up with floating a flower on a pool of milk, and I like where it’s going.

I’m not thrilled yet about the actual photo, but I think the idea is going someplace. I think if I wait until I get the perfect shot I might be a year late – so let’s call this a first draft at my first photo entry. 😉