Ottawa in Colour

I was at Chapters talking to a friend about local arts philanthropy and how difficult it is to find arts grants in Ottawa, and we were in the (now massive) colouring book section when a bolt of inspiriation hit me and I declared “I’m going to make an Ottawa colouring book with my artist friends and sell it to benefit local arts projects!”. Ottawa in Colour was born.

So a few short weeks later we¬†are well into production and I somehow ended up on a stage in front of the Soup Ottawa microgrant organization. We didn’t win, but it was great to be able to share my idea with an excited crowd and we made lots of amazing connections – we have really fantastic artists rolling in with amazing ideas for their pages. I can’t wait to start sharing it all with you!

The Soup Ottawa Crowd

Ottawa is beautiful!

Telling everyone how beautiful Ottawa is

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