I stopped by the Ottawa School of Art gallery as I was wandering through the market again yesterday (primarily to return a book I’d bought, but I happened to bring a camera with me) and stumbled on Christos Pantieras’ amazing installation called “AM I WORTH IT” – a bajillion letter tiles cast in cement, then grouted with loose fine sand. Periodically words seem to crawl out of the background, you’re invited to walk around on the tiles and take it in from different perspectives. Really loved this work – I wonder what will happen to all the cement letters when he’s done!?

Fire and Ice

I was in the market early for a birthday brunch (mine!) the other day, so I wandered around with my camera taking pictures of the sheets of ice left behind from a freezing rainstorm melting off the statues. This one caught a glint of the sun peeking out between clouds and it looks a bit like embers glowing under glass.

Ludic Fields

Another neat Artengine project – a few spots around town now sport “Ludic Fields” sculptures that break the world down into twisted funhouse-mirror shards and light up at night. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was lucky to catch the installation of the one next to the Rideau, but there’s also a set to explore at Baseline and Blair stations. The three sculptures are connected to eachother – when you activate the lights in one location the other locations all respond with their own lightshows. I like the twisty reflections!

Cloud sculpture at National Arts Centre

And now a different kind ofย  cloud – Artengine and the National Arts Centre worked together to bring Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett’s Incandescent Cloud sculpture to the NAC Box Office foyer. It’s so photogenic – love the odd blue bulbs and chandelier bulbs that break up the surface. The “rain” strings hanging from beneath are all pull switches – you can give them a yank to turn the interior lights on and off. I’m going to bring my tripod along sometime and try to get an epic bulb-cloud selfie with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Snow Sculpting

My maker team (The notorious OMG) and I got together over the first week of Winterlude to carve a gigantic 10 foot tall Godzilla out of a cube of snow!

The cube started like this:


Our original plan included a cityscape, but when we saw how high the peak of the snow cube went, we knew we had an opportunity to do a familiar landmark – Parliament Hill.


Our first couple of nights were tricky because of the warm melty weather, so we only had a few days with all hands on deck to carve it in to shape.


Saturday morning, the final OMGodzilla could be spotted mingling with the crowd of admirers who came out to see what we’d been working on. Super proud of this project – I think it turned out pretty well, and I learned a lot about co-ordinating artistic projects among a team.