A Really Big Hole

We took an overnight trip during our vacation to hike around and through the south rim of the Grand Canyon – it was pretty incredible. I have seen canyons before (in nearby Utah) so I had a pretty good idea what to expect, but the Grand Canyon is almost unfathomably big. I told a friend that I actually had trouble seeing it all – at a certain distance I think human stereo vision starts to just flatten out. Parts of the canyon looked just like a red stripey painting in the distance.

Also – yes, that’s snow down in the canyon. Along the south face where there’s a lot of shade it gets cold enough for snow to pile up and stick around during winter. It makes trekking down into the canyon (for at least the first few hundred feet, it’s warmer down below) a bit slippery. Click it for a big picture!


Montezuma’s Castle

I’m back to my castle-invading shenanigans, this time at Montezuma’s Castle, carved into a desert cliffside by the Sinagua people over five hundred years starting around 700AD. Typical for European explorers in the 1800s, they got both bits of the name wrong: Montezuma (The Aztec) had nothing to do with any of this, and it’s not actually a castle so much as very ingenious living arrangement for a small tribe who needed protection and shade. It’s a pretty spectacular location for an ancient apartment building – it almost looks like it ought to have been full of modernist furniture and an early American martini bar.