Ludic Fields

Another neat Artengine project – a few spots around town now sport “Ludic Fields” sculptures that break the world down into twisted funhouse-mirror shards and light up at night. 🙂 I was lucky to catch the installation of the one next to the Rideau, but there’s also a set to explore at Baseline and Blair stations. The three sculptures are connected to eachother – when you activate the lights in one location the other locations all respond with their own lightshows. I like the twisty reflections!

Teaching at ArtEngine

This is an exciting thing that happened last week – I taught a sold-out class at ArtEngine how to do neat-o computer art using a language called “Processing“.

It was probably not my smoothest presentation ever, but I covered a ton of material in two hours and had to jump around a little to fit it all in. Also, despite practicing the presentation beforehand and doing a tech check in the room, my ratty old laptop just had to flake out while I was showing how easy it was to export code to share with your friends. It went smoothly otherwise.

Overall it went pretty well! I know I got a couple of people really interested. 🙂