Putting the lunar back in lunarbovine

I had the telescope out last night to take a couple of shots of our nearly full moon. I’m slowly getting better – there’s a bunch of factors that make astrophotography really challenging. One, you have to wait for perfect weather. Two, even the tiniest vibration in your setup (wind, footsteps, camera shutter) will cause blur in your picture. Three, the moon is moving! Fast! When you’re looking at a tiny slice of the sky you really get a sense of how everything is whirling around through space. The moon is pretty bright so it’s not a huge factor, but without a star-tracker robot to keep locked on celestial bodies, you need to keep shutter speeds pretty fast to prevent motion blur. (but you want long shutter speeds to collect a lot of light, soooo)

Anyhow – I’m failing better and better. 🙂 Here’s a shot from last night. Lots of dust on my sensor and inside the telescope – I’ll have to blow it clean soon with some compressed air.


Saturn, or Something

I was out playing with my new camera mount for my telescope, and snapped this blurry picture of Saturn. 🙂 Heh – some more practice is needed, I think. At least the blob is orange, and you can see the rings! Messing around with the telescope is really technical work when you try to get a camera involved. I know I’m doing at least 6 things incorrectly, so hopefully the next series of shots (will it be clear tonight?) will be really sharp. 🙂