Bookbinder’s Show

At lunch during the week I stopped into the university library to check out a small exhibition they were doing of work by the Canadian Bookbinder’s and Book Artist’s Guild. A member of the guild, and a former co-worker friend of mine introduced me to her book obsession – she’d tear off the covers of her favourite books and bind them like ancient magical tomes covered in leather and gold foil and gemstones. Really neat stuff.


My favourite on display in the little show at the library was this coptic-bound sketchbook by Shlomo Feldberg made out of aluminum treadplates. Even with aluminum being a relatively soft metal, I imagine it must have been a lot of work to grind out the two matching covers and then bore holes through. I often complain about the weight of my bookbag – I would have liked to pick this one up to see how much of an anchor it is. 🙂

Sadly, there were no doodles inside!