Misheard Lyrics – Roar

Up until recently I’ve been mishearing the lyrics of Katy Perry’s Roar, which is disappointing because I was impressed by the cultural reference. What I heard was:

I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath
Scared to rock the boat and make a mess
So I sat quietly, a greek Caliope

…and I was all like – Caliope from greek myth?! The muse of song, who’s presence inspires great arias? It must be so hard to inspire everyone else while holding back your own expression! I’m so impressed by this reference, Katy Perry! This is really deep and beautiful!


But the lyrics really go:

So I sat quietly, agreed politely.

Which just feels “meh”. To be fair, Katy Perry stretches and mauls “politely” to fit the stress and beat needs of the song. Caliope would have fit much better, and think of all the Classical Lit majors who would have become fans.

Caliope – Augustin Pajou, 1763