Face Painting

I got invited to do some face painting at the community center this morning, and I had a lot of fun. It’s a neat challenge! You’ve got to paint fast on squirmy kids, and the things they want painted are sometimes kindof odd so you need to think fast. We did up a menu of simple shapes appropriate for cheek painting (Balloons, hearts, butterflies, etc) and suggested ideas to shy kids, but we ended up fielding demands for an Eel, cars, a Power Ranger Super Samurai, cotton candy, Spider-Man, Batman, dinosaurs, and this one adorable little girl (maybe four years old) whispered she wanted a black spider (scary please!).

When I was a kid we had those oily face crayons, and they were garbage. Lots of friction on the face, the colours were weak and streaky, and they’d break down as soon as you started sweating and smear all over the place. This afternoon we had a couple of those on the table, but we basically never picked them up – three of us shared a set of brushes and water-based cake facepaints and the difference was like night and day. The paints dried quickly, stayed bright, and were really simple to mix and blend into new colours if we needed them.

I’m thinking about buying a basic kit for summer parties – it was a lot of fun and the kids and parents loved it!

I didn’t take any pictures, sorry. I did a couple I was pretty proud of though, given the constraints. 🙂