Hey you, you got that something…

I had a couple of Beatles songs stuck in my head this evening, and it reminded me to look up this scene from the film Across the Universe, where T.V. Carpio basically runs away with the movie and sings the heck out of “I wanna hold your hand”. So much longing! Such a fantastic voice! This one song set the bar so high, the rest of the movie fell flat. The film never ultimately resolves the storyline of her unrequited love for her cheerleader friend, a few scenes later she turns up on a fire escape in NY where she’s relegated to quirky lesbian roommate.

I get a laugh out of the footballers in the slow-mo section who are doing pirouettes and somersaults over eachother… obviously their talent is wasted at a school without a gymnastics team. 😉

“Oh please, say to me, you’ll let me be your man. And please, say to me, you’ll let me hold your hand….”