Bandito Burgers

I won the coveted “Birthday Girl’s Favourite” award at a foodie birthday party over the weekend by turning the “cute” knob up to 11 – I made two dozen tiny spicy southwest-style quinoa burgers with tiny from-scratch miniature buns, cocktail tomato slices, a smidge of baby arugula and a generous dollop of a zingy garlic guacamole sauce. At home I make these regular burger-sized, but we had a three-bite limit to our contest entry, so I hit it all with the SHRINK-O-MATIC ray.

You can find the original recipe here, although after making them a few times I kindof winged it this time and went pretty far off-recipe. I recommend cooking the quinoa with veggie stock, put a little extra bread-crumb in (to keep the burgers from falling apart), and we change up the spices every time so it stays fresh. This is definitely not one for the bbq, when they go into the pan they’re pretty messy, it takes a while for the paddies to firm up. Good luck!

I feel very flattered that she picked my dish as a winner! It took a ton of work – something like five hours of bun-making and garlic grating.

(Photo credit to Britta! Thanks for thinking to take a picture before we ate them!)