Ludic Fields

Another neat Artengine project – a few spots around town now sport “Ludic Fields” sculptures that break the world down into twisted funhouse-mirror shards and light up at night. 🙂 I was lucky to catch the installation of the one next to the Rideau, but there’s also a set to explore at Baseline and Blair stations. The three sculptures are connected to eachother – when you activate the lights in one location the other locations all respond with their own lightshows. I like the twisty reflections!

Harry Snowpotter

The neighbour’s kids put up a snowman over the warm weekend, so I thought I’d build their snowpile a friend – here’s Harry Snowpotter II.


He didn’t last long though – I could blame it on the +4C temperature and drizzling rain, but I suspect he was murdered in the night by the evil wizard Voldemelt. 😉 Pretty sure I’ve traumatized the nearby kids – this is some Indiana-Jones-ending-style facemelting.


My Awesome Commute

I’m trying to make people jealous this week, posting pictures of my awesome bike commute. From the west end through the experimental farm to downtown, I can do my whole ride in about 40 minutes. It’s a bit longer coming back home since there’s a few more uphills. I usually get to work with sore cheeks from smiling the entire way in, the bike path is gorgeous on a bright sunny day. 🙂

I’ve been taking rest days (on the bus) to keep from over-doing things, but once I’ve had a taste of the bike it’s always so hard to ride the stinky bus. 🙂



Ice Sculptures at Winterlude

I took a walk around Confederation Park with Natasha one night when it wasn’t too cold out, and admired this year’s crop of beautiful ice sculptures. I think my two favourites were this ice cherry blossom tree (in a snow zen garden) and this screaming eagle – the detail and texture in the wings is incredible. Super fun – I’d like to carve some ice soon (it’s pretty easy to find!) but I have to admit I’m not sure I’d have the patience to scrape away at a frozen block for hours in sub-zero temperatures. Maybe if I lined up a chain of hot chocolates and beaver tails to fuel me through the ordeal. 🙂



MakerSpaces in Ottawa

There’s been a veritable explosion of “MakerSpaces” in Ottawa this year. The affordability of prototyping tools and excitement around ‘innovation’ has made it possible to open up all kinds of otherwise unused space as sweet maker labs.
A quick survey of the Ottawa labs I know about:

Centerpointe Imaginespace : Open to the public!

ArtEngine Modlab : Open to the public on Wednesdays, and available to private members throughout the week.

uOttawa Makerspace : Open to the public on Sundays – open to uOttawa students the rest of the week.

Carleton University Discovery Center : 3D Printing on demand.

Gatineau Sustainable Makerspace : Seems focused on building ‘green’ projects.

MakerSpace North : Opening soon – looks like a membership-based shared lab.

Bayview Innovation Center : Huge public maker space coming in 2016.