Damaged Goods

I had an awesome opportunity last week to work with Jocelyn Todd and the dancers from this week’s Fringe Festival production “Damaged Goods“. It was exciting to get a sneak peek of the show at the tech rehearsal – the dancers are incredible, and the choreography leads us between deeply moving and downright frightening scenes on stage. The first act is a portrait of a bad relationship – menacing postures, vulnerable reactions, tormented writhing. It’s beautiful and scary and intimate. The second act is a kind of post-apocalyptic conceptual piece, featuring monstrous creatures fighting over a tiny light – it’s exciting and dark and full of strange interactions between the dancers. Definitely a show worth catching, particularly if you’re looking to take in something a little different from the standard Fringe comedies and confessionals.

I snapped a bunch of photos during the rehearsal, and even though a lot of it takes place on a very dark stage, managed to salvage a bunch of shots through arty black-and-white manipulations. I think I managed to capture the tone, for at least some of it!