Harry Snowpotter

The neighbour’s kids put up a snowman over the warm weekend, so I thought I’d build their snowpile a friend – here’s Harry Snowpotter II.


He didn’t last long though – I could blame it on the +4C temperature and drizzling rain, but I suspect he was murdered in the night by the evil wizard Voldemelt. 😉 Pretty sure I’ve traumatized the nearby kids – this is some Indiana-Jones-ending-style facemelting.


That Snowman Seems Familiar

Sorry for the lapse in posts, it’s been CRAZY around here in the run up to the holidays. Work got pretty crazy as we rushed to build a bunch of apps for a new platform launching early in the new year, Natasha had a career change (and flew to Vancouver!) and we had in-laws come visit us in Ottawa for the holidays. This on top of our usual Christmas Rush with a heap of birthdays and visiting that we traditionally get around to this time of year. Exhausting.

Somehow, early last week, I managed to find an excuse to get outside with the nice wet packing snow and construct a snow person, who, with his scarf and hastily constructed spectacles (made from two rings cut from a PVC pipe and some bent hangar wire) looks vaguely familiar… 🙂 Two points to Gryffindor if you can figure out who he’s supposed to be.

We took a few walks around the neighbourhood this past bit and I’ve kept my eyes open for other snowpeople, and it seems that, at least in size, I have all the 7-year-olds on our street beat. 😉

Happy holidays! Hope to be writing more again soon!