MEC, How I love thee, let me count the ways

Although I only dream about living a life intense enough to need most of their stuff, I do sometimes find myself shopping at Mountain Equipment Co-op for things like raincoats and backpacks. I love their stuff – really high quality, fair prices, and I dig their sustainable philosophy and very Canadian values.

Their slingback knapsack was my favourite bag to bring on adventures for nearly 7 years, exploring far-flung cities, local hiking trails, canyons, rivers (it had weatherproofed zippers!) and deserts. It was just the right size and super comfy, and seemed indestructible.

After lots of wear and tear, the main zipper eventually popped loose from it’s stitching – I didn’t have the heart to throw it out since it was my favourite day pack. Finally, a friend insisted I bring it back to the store – they have a Rocksolid Guarantee on all their stuff – a lifetime promise to repair anything that breaks.

I brought my bag in, and even 7 years on they were happy to repair/replace it – but since the bag wasn’t part of their catalogue anymore they refunded the full original price of my bag as store credit and let me go find a brand new one. (!!!)

I am crazy in love with MEC. I wouldn’t expect service like that from any other retailer.