Panda Game – 2014

This is what overly confident uOttawa Gee Gees fans (hey that’s me!) look like on their way into the Panda Game – the football competition against our local university rivals, Carleton U.


Year after year we wipe the floor with them – we’ve come home with the Panda some 14 times in a row now, so it was a pretty sure thing we were walking away with it again this year. And sure enough, though we traded the lead back and forth throughout the game, we were up four points with seven seconds left on the clock – a sure thing – when THIS happened. A moment that will go down in school football infamy.

A few points of interest here – We had won. There was no time left, no downs left, there was no way they could cover that distance. We were basically waiting for the timer to run down to start partying. They break, Mills reels back for two seconds, everyone holds their breath, and he fires a Hail Mary at Behar (who covers some 55+ yards!) with basically two seconds on the clock – you can see zeroes on the scoreboard. It’s like physics is somehow bent – Mills threw it past him, Behar’s running full out and I don’t even see him looking over his shoulder. But one of our guys reaches out to knock it down and it somehow ricochets right into Behar’s open hands.

You can hear the commentator describe the shock and awe in the Ottawa stands – the crowd on our side went silent for a good five minutes. I’d be upset about the whole thing, but it was one of the most spectacular endings I’ve ever seen in a football game. So many impossible factors coming together on this play.

Poutine Festival

The Poutine Festival is on at the university – at lunch a swarm of chip trucks show up on campus to peddle their gourmand variants on the delicious Gravy/Fries/Cheese Curd Quebecois recipe.

Behold the Shwarma Poutine – it’s not going to win any prizes for looks (like something a dog might yack up) but it was an unexpectedly strong contender for my best of the fest pick. The standard trio of fries, curds and gravy make up the base, but our inspired chef threw on chunks of slow-roasted shwarma chicken, fried onions and mushrooms, and a layer of garlic sauce that bled down into the mix. I was cynical at first, but the garlic and gravy were actually a power couple – it was like an explosion of flavour. Word of warning though – you’re going to need the whole box of breath mints when you’re done or everyone’s going to know exactly what you ate.