The Dangers of Recycling Video

I was at City Hall waiting for Natasha to finish her skate on the weekend and caught myself absently staring at an Ottawa 2017 (Canada’s 150th birthday celebration!) video on loop in a kiosk. The camera pans over the city skyline and local monuments and cuts to colourful projections on buildings, and then for just one frame – it flashes red. I could swear it’s a Marvel logo – in a Canadian national holiday ad?

I did some digging around and figured it out – I’m not crazy. They repurposed footage from the Canadian Video Game Awards promo, where Glitchsoft’s Marvel X-Men game makes an appearance fake-projected onto the Supreme Court. It certainly looks cool – I wonder if we could get the supreme court justices into x-men outfits for some cross-branding. 🙂

I’m guessing the same outfit produced both videos and needed something festive-looking for the kiosk in a hurry.